However, this is not true for all cases. There're several people, who want to possess a gorgeous tan body. And it is mainly applicable for those individuals, who are going to be a bodybuilder. In fact, this brown skin enhances the level of masculinity and makes the muscles more attractive. But, the interesting fact about them is that they never like to apply any solution (such as, sun tan ointment) on their body. Or, they don't desire basking under the sun in order to get the preferred effect on skin. Now, to have solutions to this problem, there is Melanotan in the market. However, it can be found in two varieties- one of them is Melanotan 1, while the other one is Melanotan 2.

Similarity in two Melanotan forms

Though people think that they are almost same, there're some differences. These two varieties are peptides, and as a user of these peptides, you don't need to be exposed the body to sunrays. The injected peptides may be able to make your skin appear tanned. Thus, the major purpose of using both peptides is same. But, if you know the slight differences, then you can have more beneficial effects.

Originally, Melanotan can be considered an artificial hormone, which functions as works as alpha MSH, which has an effect on the complexion of your skin. This is present mainly within melanocyte body cells. On the other hand, MT 2 may be found to be MSH's analogue. Both the peptides generate the impact of the melanocyte, which is produced naturally in your endocrine gland.

The structural arrangement of the peptides

Regarding the structure of MT, it is to be said that MT 1 is completely straight, while MT 2 is of circular shaped. In case of the latter one, there may be some adverse effects, like enhancement of libido.

The series of amino acid is quite shorter for the peptide- MT 2. Thus, the number of peptide strings is more than that of MT 1. The binding level of the receptor for MT 2 isn't much efficient.

Price of peptides

MT 2 seems to be the more inexpensive one, if compared to MT 1. However, still, it is better to take MT 1 instead of MT 2 because of its results.

If a man takes MT 2, then it functions like aphrodisiac. Besides, it can also cause the lips to be tanned. As MT 1 has not so strong effect, you can find no such risk. Melanotan 1 is almost parallel to the melanin, which exists in our body. On the other hand, MT 2, being the altered one, is stronger.

Melanotan may be regarded as the safer option than MT 2 as it is able to tan your skin with hardly any negative effect. However, in case of MT 2, some common impacts are headache, nausea and tiredness. However, while you want to have faster and more intense effect on skin, you may choose MT 2.

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